Course Etiquette & Dress Code

Course Care, Etiquette, and Dress Code

Embracing Tradition and Respect Through Proper Conduct and Attire

On-Course Etiquette: Respect for the Game and Fellow Players

Golf is a game steeped in tradition, respect, and sportsmanship. Observing proper golf course etiquette not only shows respect for fellow golfers but also for the course itself.

At Henlow Golf Course, we like to think everybody will have an enjoyable time, but it depends on everybody being respectful to one another and following some basic rules.

Here are our essential guidelines to ensure everyone has a fun and safe experience.

Silence and Stillness:

  • Respect the Swing: Always stand still and be quiet when players are preparing and executing their shots. This helps everyone concentrate and enjoy their game without distractions.
  • Mobile Devices: Ensure your mobile phone is on silent or vibrate modes to avoid disrupting the play.

Pace of Play:

  • Be Ready: Always be prepared for your turn to play. Plan your shot before reaching your ball, and be ready to proceed as soon as it’s your turn.
  • Keep Up: Aim to keep pace with the group in front. If your group is slower, allowing the group behind to play through is courteous and appreciated.
  • Wave Through: If there’s a faster group behind you, please call them through instead of holding them up.

Care for the course:

  • Replace or Repair all Divots: Always replace or repair your divots. This small act keeps the course in good condition for players following behind you.
  • Smooth Bunkers: After playing from a bunker, use the rake provided to smooth out footprints and the area around your shot. When done, leave the rake in the bunker.
  • Repair Ball Marks on Greens: Repair any pitch marks caused by the ball hitting the green. Doing so keeps the putting surfaces smooth and fair for all players.
  • Keep trolleys and buggies on the designated paths, off tee boxes, and far away from greens.

Flag Handling and Green Etiquette:

  • Handling the Flagstick: Always handle the flagstick carefully. Remove and replace it while minimizing any impact on the green.
  • Watch Your Step: Be mindful of where you walk on greens. Avoid walking in the line of fellow players’ putts and try to minimize damage to the green.
  • Do not linger on greens: Leave the putting green immediately after all players have finished putting. Mark your scorecard(s) on the next hole to keep the game flowing.

Respect for Others:

  • Sportsmanship: Treat all players equally and respectfully, regardless of their skill level. Congratulate others on a good shot and offer encouragement during difficult plays.
  • Safety First: Before making a shot, ensure the group in front is out of range. Additionally, if your shot appears to be heading toward other players, shout “Fore!” as a warning.
  • Play Provisionals: If after you play a ball it might be hard to find, play a provisional so you can avoid tracking back to take your next shot.

By following these etiquette guidelines, you contribute to a positive and respectful atmosphere on the course, ensuring everyone can enjoy their round of golf.

Remember, the essence of good etiquette is to be aware of your actions and their impact on others. Happy golfing!

Dress Code: Looking the Part on the Course

Golf attire is an integral part of the game's identity, blending tradition with the elegance of sport. Adhering to the dress code respects the heritage of golf and enhances the dignity of our entire club.

Tradition and respect are key elements of the golfing world, extending from behavior right through to attire. By dressing appropriately, golfers pay homage to the game’s storied history and contribute to the dignity of their surroundings.

So, although we’re not overly strict here at Henlow, below are some dress code guidelines tailored for both gentlemen and ladies to help ensure you’re suitably attired for your next round of golf, and that we can maintain an air of sophistication and decorum around the course.

For Gentlemen:

  • Shirts: Collared polo shirts are the standard. Turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks will be accepted.
  • Bottoms: Dress slacks or golf-specific trousers are preferred. Golf shorts, if worn, should be of a modest length, typically just above the knee.
  • Shoes: Soft spikes or flat-soled shoes designed for golf are recommended.
  • Headwear: Hats or caps should be worn with the brim facing forward, primarily for sun protection.
  • Unacceptable Attire: Avoid denim, athletic shorts, swimwear, gym attire, and t-shirts. Clothing with offensive graphics or language is also inappropriate.

For Ladies:

  • Tops: Collared shirts or golf-specific blouses. Sleeveless tops with collars are accepted.
  • Bottoms: Golf skirts, skorts, trousers, and appropriate-length shorts are suitable. The length should be modest and fitting for a public setting.
  • Shoes: Golf shoes with soft spikes or specialized flat soles are advised.
  • Headwear: Hats, caps, or visors are recommended for sun protection, aligning with the attire’s overall respectful appearance.
  • Unacceptable Attire: Denim jeans, athletic shorts, swimwear, and gym clothes are prohibited. Similarly, avoid t-shirts or tops with offensive imagery or text.

Adhering closely to these guidelines shows respect for the game and fellow players and ensures that you contribute positively to the game’s esteemed tradition.

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