Henlow Golf Club

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Rules & Policies

Henlow Golf Club have a set of  Rules & Policies designed to help all members enjoy their golf in safety and ensure that respect and courtesy are shown to others.

In addition each Competition type has its own set of Rules and Conditions. These are generated to ensure there is no confusion during competitions and any disputes can be resolved at the earliest opportunity.

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It was just a gust of wind!!!

Dress Code / Local Rules

Dress Code.pdf

Henlow Golf Club maintains a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. However there are a few dress and mobile phone usage rules that it would like for all members to maintain. Please click on the image above to view these rules.

Dress Code

Rule Myths and Facts

Myths and Facts New.pdf

Clicking the image above will take you to a Myths and Facts page. Here are some commonly misinterpreted golf rules and the correct procedures to follow if you find yourself in difficulty.

Rules Myths and Facts

Competition Rules

2019 Competition Rules v2.pdf

A guidance to the Competition Rules can be found by clicking the above image. All competitors should make themselves fully conversant with these rules.

Competition Rules

Golf Etiquette

In conjunction with Section I of the R&A Rules Of Golf the information provided in the etiquette policies should ensure that all players enjoy there game of golf. Please click the image to view Henlow Golf Club etiquette policies.

Golf Etiquette