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Captains Message

It is an absolute honour and a privilege for me to be fulfilling the role of the captain of RAF Henlow Golf Club for 2020. I have tough acts to follow, given the tremendous amount of funds raised, by ‘Our Club’ for numerous charities over the years.

The recent announcement by the MOD, regarding the future of RAF Henlow has presented ‘Our Club’ with a very welcome stay of execution. However, the flip side is that our ageing Clubhouse, along with other areas of the golf course, require significant funding for upkeep and improvement, to maintain the standards our members have become used to. Therefore, throughout this year Henlow Golf Club is following the mantra that ‘charity begins at home’, as this has become a necessity to enable Henlow Golf Club to operate until the closure of RAF Henlow.

I am extremely grateful to your support.

Thanks in advance.

Neil Marginson


If any club members wish to have items included on the news page, or any other page then please fill in the Web Site change/submission form located in the clubhouse.

“It is the intention of the Henlow Golf Club Manager and the Committee to publicise any relevant news or information at the earliest opportunity and to ensure that all members are kept abreast of Club events and competitions.” Pete Blanch

Course Update 4 Jan 2021

Following tonight’s Government announcement on further restrictions, Henlow Golf Course will be closed until the restrictions are relaxed for Golf Courses to re-open.

New Clubhouse Update 1 Jul 2020

Martin and the committee are pleased to announce that our new Clubhouse will be ready for opening on Monday 6 Jul 2020.The Clubhouse is in Bldg 182 situated on the north side of the camp (situated to the right of the metal gate by the 3rd Green). Parking is available on the small roads around the building, but please do not obstruct the entrance or the exit to the MT yard which is next to the Clubhouse.

Due to COVID 19 the following rules are in place:

We look forward to welcoming you to our new home.

Happy Golfing and Stay Safe

Martin & the Committee

Events and competitions being run-please email henlowgolfclub@hotmail.co.uk if you wish to be added to this group with your mobile phone number.

Pete Blanch

Club Manager